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CLM’s Large Capacity Dryers

Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) has a wide range of industrial dryers, steam-heated and gas fired, ranging from recommended capacities of 250 lbs. dry weight to 1200 lbs. dry weight.

CLM’s Model 165 dryer is designed to replace the old Challenge Pacesetter footprint perfectly, while providing new technology not available elsewhere, including a fully integrated production management system. And all of CLM’s dryers, including the Model 165, will communicate with any industrial wash aisle.

CLM dryers can be configured with 1-door or 2-doors for pass through processing and can be configured back or forward. Along with door and tilt configurations, CLM offers the flexibility of having the control panel (with burner, blower and exhaust duct) on either the right hand or left hand side of the machine.

Industrial grade materials are incorporated throughout the line providing many years of operation in the toughest laundry environments. With the highest level of productivity and efficiency, CLM tumble dryers reduce the cost of labor and utilities.

On-Site Dryer Refurbishing & Upgrading Available

CLM provides on-site upgrading and refurbishing services for its dryer customers.

“CLM has a long history of high-quality service, including upgrading and refurbishing services,” said Carolyn Landsperg, vice president and general manager. “Now we’re able to offer these services to our customers at their locations.”

On-site services are a huge advantage to clients. Downtime is lessened dramatically and this new service completely eliminates costly freight charges and rigging.

Upgrading and refurbishing CLM dryers makes good economic sense. CLM dryers are known for their durability and long-life. Keeping them maintained properly and upgraded lessens replacement costs. And a completely refurbished CLM machine gets a new machine warranty, Landsperg said. CLM will continue to do upgrading and refurbishing at its plant in Pomona, CA, if customers prefer this option.

For additional information on scheduling and pricing, contact CLM at 323-232-2417 or sales@clmco.com

For additional information on the company and its products visit their web site at: Consolidated Laundry Machinery