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Clothesline Fresh Laundry Products

MAUMEE, Ohio — Spartan Chemical’s Clothesline Fresh Laundry line is professional laundry care from a trusted name in the Jan/San Industry. Clothesline Fresh Laundry specifically targets soils and stains to get fabrics clean and bright, while leaving them with a fresh fragrance.

Spartan’s Clothesline Fresh Laundry Line contains the latest in laundry technology, which allows for superior cleaning performance at a lower cost.

Clothesline Fresh Laundry can be used by anyone who desires quality and environmentally preferable laundry products that excel in most types of water conditions. Clothesline Fresh Laundry contains award-winning green surfactant technology and biodegradable water softeners.

Clothesline Fresh Laundry can be used by industrial laundries or any facility with commercial / industrial laundry needs such as, nursing homes, hospitals, correctional facilities, schools (athletic facilities), hotels/motels, health and country clubs, physical therapy centers, salons, spas and tanning salons, car washes or linen plants, industrial laundries.