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Fibertech’s 4th Clean Show

Relatively young to the laundry and linen industry, Fibertech’s Clean Show presence just keeps getting better.

While Fibertech has been in the rotational molding industry for nearly 30 years, it is still considered new to the laundry and linen industry.

This is Fibertech’s 4th time at the Clean Show, and each year has proven to have a big impact on its business, according to the company. This year, Fibertech had several new and innovative carts and customizations, new to the industry.

Fibertech prides itself on making the carts that its customers need. Having face-to-face time with customers is invaluable as it allows the company to learn what customers like, dislike or need.

“I look back over the years and I see large companies who have lost the drive and commitment to service their customers,” says Michael Bruce COO. “Fibertech is here to prove to everyone the difference one company can make to an entire industry, with an open ear to our customer and commitment through our people.”