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Food Safety Summit Display Highlights Certified Laundries’ Quality

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—More than 100 attendees and exhibitors at the recent Food Safety Summit, the largest such U.S. event for this profession, learned how laundries that have earned that the Hygienically Clean Food Safety certification steadily improve laundered product quality.

Hygienically Clean Food Safety certified laundries go beyond obtaining third-party validation of their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plan (HACCP).  HACCP validation is a vital component of the certification, but it’s only one element of the Hygienically Clean inspectors’ determination of whether a laundry deploys industry best practices. In addition, using a Hygienically Clean-approved lab, certified laundries test samples of cleaned items quarterly to ensure that they are free of pathogens in sufficient numbers to cause human illness.

The Summit drew a reported 1,700 attendees. Food-safety professionals displayed a high level of interest in certification. The Hygienically Clean display distributed Food Safety Transparency across Your Supply Chain, an interactive reference containing hyperlinks to certification resources for food manufacturers and processors. Hygienically Clean laundries were presented as an example of a supplier industry that food manufacturers and processors should hold to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness.