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Genuine Parts Celebrates Five Years With No Lost-Time Accidents

The Alliance Laundry Systems Genuine Parts warehouse in Ripon, Wis., is celebrating five years with no lost-time accidents. The facility sends 134,000 shipments per year, or 670,000 over five years, according to a news release.

“One year with no lost-time accidents is quite the feat in the shipping world, but five is something only the best teams can accomplish,” said Brian Stark, global general manager of Genuine Parts. “Safety is one of our top priorities, and it shows through this recent accomplishment by our talented team. I’m very proud of our Ripon team.”

Genuine Parts is the parts shipping warehouse for Alliance Laundry Systems. With 50 full-time employees, the facility picks, packs and sends 530 shipments per day, or 11,000 shipments per month.