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Gurtler Ind. and Healthcare Linen Services Group Solidify Partnership

Gurtler Industries and Healthcare Linen Services Group (HLSG) have announced that they have entered into a long-term strategic partnership agreement, according to a news release. Gurtler will provide all the specialty laundry chemicals and service to HLSG’s facilities under the Logan’s Linens and Superior Health Linens names.

HLSG currently operates state-of-the-art laundry processing facilities in the Mid-West states delivering over 185 million pounds of assorted quality linens into both the healthcare and hospitality markets. These business units were brought together through the guidance and ownership of Thompson Street Capital Partners (TSCP), St Louis, MO.

Besides chemical supply and service, Gurtler’s offerings of chemical dispensing systems, production management data, information management technology, tunnel water conservation and treatment systems, and energy-saving technology will be offered at each location across the HLSG business units.

“Gurtler is proud to extend our long-term strategic partnership with HLSG. We are well positioned to provide support across the HLSG operations,” said Greg Gurtler, president and CEO of Gurtler. “Our support team is well-versed in healthcare, hospitality, linen and industrial textile processing. We have continued to support our customers in producing hygienically clean linen across all markets, plus our unique sanitizing technology and microbiological laboratory testing services will help HLSG continue to leverage Gurtler for their partners.” Gurtler’s scientists have contributed to the development of ARTA’s recently published C-diff study, HLAC’s Healthcare Laundering Standard and to TRSA’s Hygienically Clean advisory group.

“As an outsourced provider, HLSG partners is focused on growth and currently provides service to healthcare administrators, clinicians and staff to deliver a wide variety of textiles to thousands of hospitals, physician offices, surgery centers, and nursing homes,” said Joseph LaPorta, President and CEO of HLSG. He continued, “Gurtler’s expertise in healthcare laundering technology, their superior products, and expert technical support make them a premier partner, and together we will continue to meet and exceed the highest standards in healthcare laundry processing.” HLSG is a member of the Association of Linen Management (ALM) as well as the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) and has earned accreditations from the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) which exceed healthcare laundry processing standards set by OSHA, JCAHO and other federal agencies.