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Heavy Duty Dryers Meet Specialty Market Requirements

Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) dryers are designed to meet many unique material requirements, including cleanrooms, latex processing and apparel/textile.

Dryers designed for all cleanroom environments, including Class 1, have electro-polished stainless basket, non-static wheels and low particulate features. Special heat packages come with HEPA filters and pre-filters and heat package and control panel may be mounted on or external to dryer.

For latex, a stainless steel basket, lower plenum and exhaust are constructed with our standard heavy material gauge for long dryer life. Components are protected with special seals and enclosed motors. Specialized clean-outs allow removal of talc residue that collects at dryer bottom. Polished baskets include customer specified periphery sizes to accommodate any latex product

Apparel/textile dryers are heavy duty and handle a variety of processes, including stone and enzyme work. Circular doors seal to the basket and rotate with it for product safety and non-marking seals further protect product. The Micro-Command III PLC offers accuracy to operate at controlled temperatures and to terminate the heat process at the appropriate times.

CLM dryers for specialized markets are efficient, easy to operate and available in 250-lb, 350-lb, 450-lb, 600-lb, 800-lb and 1200-lb capacities. Low NOx versions are also available in all sizes.

For more information, visit their web site at: Consolidated Laundry Machinery