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In Memory – William Webb

Tingue celebrates the life of William “Bill” Webb, who passed on May 11, 2019.

Submitted by a Tingue representative:

“Tingue, Brown found Bill working at Model Laundry in Cincinnati, where he had been since he was 9 years old. If there had been child labor laws in place, Bill would have fought them himself – because Bill loved to work! With only a little convincing, Bill joined the supplier’s side of the business. Bill did an outstanding job representing Tingue, Brown & Co. in his Midwest territory. He made many friends and built a great territory. He was actively involved in NAILM (now ALM) and was a regular speaker in the early days of the American Laundry and Linen College.

One of Bill’s colleagues was Ed Curran and together they founded C&W Equipment in 1976. C&W helped professionalize the world of rebuilt and used equipment. Bill left C&W around 1988 to begin other ventures, including consulting work with long-time healthcare laundry operator and current American Laundry News contributor, Eric Frederick as his partner.

Having moved to Florida, Bill was recruited back to the world of padding salesmen to work with the Soalco Products Co. Bill was pleased to join Tingue, Brown once again after Soalco was acquired by the Tingue family in 1998. Bill more than tripled Tingue, Brown’s business in south Florida before retiring in 2005.

Bill never got too far away as his daily calls of inspiration to Tingue reps, new and veteran alike, proved to be great motivators for another generation of supply salesmen. His vast experience was called on regularly. Even as his health was declining, Bill was anxious to help.

In 2010, Bill was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by our now president Ty Acton, the only such honor ever awarded by Tingue, Brown & Co. (Image upper right)

Bill is survived by his wife Dee and children Jeff, Mike, Patty, Dean, and Tammy, as well as 10 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.”