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Kannegiesser ETECH Expands Customer Service

Six months after the announcement that Kannegiesser had acquired E-Tech and formed “Kannegiesser ETECH”, the company has expanded its customer service through several organizational changes.

The company has named Tony Schult to a key management post – Director of Systems Performance Team. “I am very happy to announce that the combined customer service team will be led by Tony Schult as director of systems performance,” Kannegiesser ETECH CEO Phil Hart said. “Tony has the unique skill set, personality traits and real-world experience that will give him the ability to lead the larger team in our pursuit of customer satisfaction.”

Tony will lead a wide ranging technical support group that covers the entire portfolio of equipment offered by the company. Other personnel shifts include:


· Mark Kimble was named to oversee the monorail Systems Performance Team.






· Deric Wright was named service manager leading the teams supporting the washing systems and also the garment and uniform systems.




· Tony Bell was named service manager leading the team supporting the flatwork finishing and folding equipment.




· Donnie Edmundson was named director of technical service. Bell and Wright will report to him. All members of the systems performance group ultimately will report through Tony Schult to COO Joe Schult.





· Tony Jimenez was named to oversee the Equipment Parts Team.




“We are all very excited to announce the integration of our service teams,” Schult said. “High level service is a company-wide philosophy at Kannegiesser ETECH. We will continue to focus on listening to our customer’s needs and providing solutions that result in long term success for our customers, our team, and our company. Customer Service and Innovation at the forefront.”

For more information, contact Tony Schult, Tony.Schult@Kannegiesser-etech.com, 612.248.2141 or visit the company’s web site:  Kannegiesser ETECH.