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Kemco Receives TRSA Clean Green Innovation Award

Kemco Systems was honored to be recognized for its innovation and contributions to the laundry industry, by receiving the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) Clean Green Innovation Award, presented at the TRSA Legislative Conference, on March 30, according to a news release.

The TRSA Clean Green Innovation Award recognizes companies or facilities that reduce their operations’ environmental impact in one or more ways, which may include reduction of per-laundry-pound use of a single resource (water, energy, chemistry), improved efficiency of a production or service function, or increased discharge control.

“This award is truly a testament to the hard work and efforts of our coworkers at Kemco Systems and our clients who push us further every day to recycle every drop of water,” Tom Vanden Heuvel, Kemco’s CEO shared. “As a team, we are looking forward to advancing our leadership in the industry.”

Since 1969 Kemco has been supporting the needs of the laundry industry. Kemco introduced the ceramic membrane filtration and reverse osmosis (RO) systems to the laundry industry, immediately increasing a laundries ability to reuse water. Utilized successfully in commercial laundering applications, RO systems meet and exceed current industry standards, with Kemco customers having the ability to reuse 80-85 percent of facility water. In fact, water recycled using a Kemco RO system is often of higher quality than that delivered by a municipality.

As a sustainably driven company, Kemco harnesses the power of water and energy solutions to help their customers meet their operating goals and stakeholder expectations. Kemco customers are setting specific targets for renewable energy, emission reduction and energy conservation. Kemco supports these efforts through the innovative design and build of products that support energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction and increase water recycling and reuse.

Kemco recently received its second patent for their membrane filtration apparatus and process for reuse of industrial wastewater, not only validating, but solidifying Kemco’s efforts to further the sustainability efforts of our products and customers.