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Laundry Plus Earns Continental Award

OSHKOSH, Wis. – Laundry Plus, a commercial laundry in Bradenton, Florida, is the recent recipient of Continental Girbau Inc.’s (Continental) 2014 Business Partner of the Year award. During the past four years, Laundry Plus – owned by Rick Rone – has invested wholeheartedly in Continental and Girbau Industrial (GI) branded laundry solutions, while assisting and nurturing new Continental and GI investors.

“The evolution and partnership we have formed with Laundry Plus has been a key component in introducing and growing the Girbau Industrial brand in the North American marketplace,” said Continental President Mike Floyd. “We are excited about continuing to team with Laundry Plus to bring a higher quality product to the south Florida hospitality marketplace.

Rone agreed. “It has been a true partnership, with both partners relying on each other to meet projected goals and both accomplishing what we set out to do,” he said. “We often hear the expression, ‘I have your back.’ Continental and Girbau Industrial have covered our back time after time with engineering (both hardware and software), service and parts. Thanks for believing in us when others wouldn’t.”

Since 2011, Laundry Plus has invested in Continental and GI equipment, including two 12-module TBS-50 Continuous Batch Washing Systems; two ironing lines, including feeders, ironers, folders and stackers; multiple open-pocket E-Series soft-mount washer-extractors; and 10 250-pound capacity ST-100 Dryers; among others. Most recently, Continental assisted Laundry Plus in consolidating two operations into a single, large industrial laundry.

Laundry Plus catapulted productivity to 70,000 pounds of laundry in 11 hours; dropped water usage to .6 gallons per laundry pound; and boosted pounds of laundry per operator hour (PPOH) by 15-18 percent, according to Continental Girbau. Simultaneously, Laundry Plus provided opportunities for Girbau Industrial equipment investors and commercial laundry owners to visit and learn about its equipment, operations and successes. This resulted in significant Girbau Industrial product growth.

“We established this partnership based on trust and the promise of future growth,” said Joel Jorgensen, Continental vice president of sales and customer services. “Both partners have grown to truly respect one another, while enjoying tremendous advancement. Rick has offered Girbau Industrial business partners and customers an open-door policy – welcoming them, helping them grow, and maintaining relationships with them. Rick’s just that type of dynamic person.”