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Lavatec’s New Software Program

BEACON FALLS, Conn — At the recent Clean Show, attendees found a full assortment of both battle-tested, new equipment and software at the Lavatec booth.

Lavatec’s tunnel washers, including the new LT50, were demonstrated, along with a 40-bar extraction press, a large washer extractor with corresponding dryer, plus the award-winning TT-series Ecodry dryers. People looking for finishing equipment showed interest in the LAVAFOLD MAXI triple sort towel folding system in addition to the osLaundry software program.

“When the Clean Show was held in Atlanta two years ago, osLaundry was being previewed. In Las Vegas, we picked up where we left off, except now osLaundry can be built into all of our equipment,” says Keith Ware, Lavatec’s vice president of sales.  He added, “Our Lavarail monorail system has performed exceptionally well in Germany, and we will begin emphasizing rail systems in North America after the Clean Show.”

A state-of-the-art control system with highly accurate and reproducible control technology, osLaundry offers reliable and safe data registration and storage. Operators can expect fewer problems that are easier to trace, and the software program provides an Ethernet connection to higher-level systems, along with different choices of operating terminals and remote diagnostics support.

“This program brings everything together,” says Ware. “We talk about how our equipment is engineered for higher returns on investment, and this software takes it to the next level. osLaundry is a comprehensive tool that produces data and real time information. Laundry operators now can make quicker and more informed decisions that impacts their entire operation in a positive manner, decisions that are capable of saving time and money while making them more profitable.”

The Lavarail monorail system Ware mentioned is a prime example where built-in software can help ensure smooth economic operation for a laundry facility. Lavarail, like most Lavatec equipment, can be custom designed with space saving belt conveyors and sorting carousels. Compatible with all equipment brands, the stainless steel and fully enclosed rail trolleys require as little action possible and protect against lint build-up.

For more information, visit the company’s web site: Lavatec