Meese Launches Exciting, Innovative Products at Clean

Meese, a leader in rotomolded laundry carts since 1931 and developer of Poly-Trux for laundries, continues to create tough and innovative products for the entire laundry industry. At CLEAN 2019, there was an undeniable buzz at the Meese booth with the unveiling of some exciting new products.  “We at Meese are committed to developing and introducing new products that support safe and productive work environments for our customers and end users.” says Dan Rodriguez, national sales manager at Meese.

Silva-Trux, an antimicrobial Poly-Trux, launched at the Clean Show this year.  Silva-Trux were created to help meet the demand of a clean and safe workplace environment by helping to minimize the spread of infection from bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses.  This technology helps protect anyone, including team members, customers and end users, who come in contact with laundry carts.  Meese is currently offering this technology in select Bulk-Trux (70P and 72P) and Shelf-Trux (90P, 92P and 101P), but more products will soon be available with this feature. “We are constantly looking at new ways to support our customers and we developed this product line to help provide a healthier work environment for everyone.  Antimicrobial technology is critical to making that happen,” says Dan Rodriguez. To learn more about these products or to download the Silva-Trux antimicrobial test results, go to

Meese also launched the ERGO line of material handling products focused on boosting productivity while protecting team members from unnecessary injury and back strain. These products provide ergonomic solutions across many applications and industries including laundry, distribution, food processing, scrap/recycling, construction and demolition. Meese was recently awarded by TRSA at their Annual Leadership Awards Dinner for their focus on safety and ergonomics in the workplace.  There are currently 9 products with unique ergonomic designs with many more planned for the future.  Click the following link to for a video highlighting the entire line of ERGO products and to learn more about the benefits of ergonomics in the workplace:

Meese’s commitment to safety has been recognized by a variety of associations over recent years including a Safety Recognition Award from ARM (Association of Rotational Molders, a trade association representing rotational manufacturers in North America) and the Certificate of Congressional Recognition and Achievement presented by ASCS (Ashtabula County Safety Council). “Meese has worked very hard over the years to create and maintain a safe working environment and we will continue to make this a priority going forward,” says J.R. Ryan, President at Meese.