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Meese’s ERGO Products

Meese is dedicated to creating innovative products that keep the workplace safe and productive.
Meese ERGO products offer unique ergonomic features to help employees stay safe while on the job. For example, its Spring-Loaded Carts (28P16 & 28P18 Ironer Feed-Trux, 25P24 & 25P30 Spring Platform Utlity-Trux) are ergonomically-designed with a coiled spring platform that quickly and conveniently moves laundry up into the hands of team members. This prevents back strain and injuries and can lead to increased productivity.

The 72 ERGO, 72L and the Linen Locker are specially designed to help make repetitive loading and unloading linens easier than ever. This helps increase productivity while minimizing missed work days and potential workman’s compensation claims. And the Linen Locker’s unique design also makes pickup and drop off easier for route drivers.

The Industrial Sorting Table’s comfortable height, roto-molded legs, and industrial casters make it perfect for non-stop heavy duty sorting jobs.

All Meese ERGO products are rotationally-molded and chemical-resistant and made with high-density, lightweight polyethylene (HDPE) to make them waterproof, rugged and dependable.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Meese