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Meese’s Linen Locker offers security and safety for drop-off and pick-up of linens

In the past, soiled linens were often left in unsecured containers, inside and outside. As a result, when outside, they were exposed to the elements and ruined. When not locked properly, items were stolen and when multiple users were sharing keys, the security of the contents of the containers were further compromised.

To address this ongoing problem, engineers at Meese created the new and innovative Linen Locker to ensure safe, secure, and easy collection and pick up of items.

Linen lockers are used in a variety of locations:

  • Restaurants, hotels, catering halls and other foodservice facilities for linens, uniforms, and other soiled linens
  • Fitness centers and athletic/aquatic facilities for wet towels and soiled items
  • Charitable donation centers to collect items, indoor and outdoor

Customers appreciate the benefits of the Linen Locker such as:

  • The unique design helps protect the contents of the locker from exposure to rain or snow.
  • It offers the ease of keyless drop-off and pick-up, eliminating the issue with lost or shared keys.
  • The secure door with the side lock guarantees greater security of items in the locker.
  • Route drivers and housekeeping enjoy easier and quicker pick-up and drop-off of items with less bending, reaching or heavy lifting.

There are also many optional accessories available such as casters for easy moving, branded logos, lockable chute, and custom colors.

Meese not only serves some of the largest and most respected laundry companies but also operates in a wide range of markets serving a vast and diverse list of customers. Meese operates 25 rotomolding machines in five plants, fields a team of outside sales representatives who cover the continent, and ranks as the 18th largest rotational molder in North America by Plastics News. 

As custom plastics rotational molders, Meese executives co-founded ARM (the Association of Rotational Molders) and often earns awards for excellence in design and manufacturing from their peers.

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