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Miele Performance Plus PW 811 Washer and PT8303 Dryer System

The Miele Performance Plus PW 811 washer is part of Miele Professional’s Benchmark Machines line of industrial washer extractors. With short cycles, excellent spin performance and unparalleled energy efficiency, these machines stand for top-class performance in all standard and specialized laundry applications. 
The Performance Plus PW 811 cleans effectively is user friendly, easy to install and represents a benchmark in the industry for energy and water efficiency— setting the new standard in laundry technology. 
In addition to the technology’s ability to reduce infection potential and minimize utility costs, these washers feature a purpose-designed suds container which reduces water levels for the wash and rinse cycles. The patented honeycomb drum features ribs with an array of perforations that allow faster and more thorough washing.  
Miele’s innovative honeycomb drum design is the innovative feature that enables the mechanical action of the equipment to effectively clean and disinfect while also preserving the integrity of the highly specialized performance fabrics that go into many types of gear, cleaning supplies and PPE. The concave shape of the drum protects delicate microfibers and keeps them from breaking. Additional mechanical action means the machine uses less water by washing garments from bottom, and extracts water more efficiently at the completion of the cycle. The dryer features a convex shape that protects these specialty performance textiles, so they last. As a result, the garment is quickly and uniformly dried, without burning or damaging any of the fabric layers.  
The innovative EcoSpeed wash rhythm precisely controls the drum rotational speeds, enabling the washers to clean extremely effectively in short cycle times to maximize water and energy efficiency.  
The Miele PW 811 and Miele PT 8303 dryer work as a system, with dryer features that alternate tumbling action for improved garment dispersion and to ensure consistent and even, crease-free drying. Residual moisture sensors drive optimum results for turnout gear that features layers of textiles with varying dry times and heat sensitivities.    
The system also offers improved ergonomics with easy to use automatic doors that close at the touch of a finger. Slim machine widths allow for easy installation in stations where space is at a premium.   


For more information, visit the company’s web site: Miele Professional