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Milnor’s 25-80lb Cabinet Style Washer-Extractors

Pellerin Milnor’s 25 lb – 80 lb line is the next generation of cabinet-style washer-extractors.

This line is available in 25 lb (12 kg), 35 lb (16 kg), 45 lb (20 kg), 60 lb (27 kg), and 80 lb (36 kg) capacities and offers three easy-to-use control systems, including E-P One Touch®, E-P Express®, and E-P Plus®. Featuring large cylinder perforations, efficient inverter drives, durable galvanized steel frames, and double water seals, this line is designed to save water, energy, and money without compromising wash-quality. Combining versatility with Milnor quality, this value-priced line will suit any laundry’s needs.

For more information on the 25 lb – 80 lb Cabinet Style Washer-Extractors, visit the company’s website site:  Pellerin Milnor