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Mission Linen Supply Earns Healthcare Certification 

Mission Linen Supply’s Chico laundry facility is now Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certified. This certification, offered through TRSA, demonstrates the Chico facility’s commitment to following laundering best practices and consistently producing hygienically clean textiles that meet healthcare standards, according to a news release.

“Now more than ever, healthcare facilities need to be able to trust that their textiles are safe and clean,” said Mission President and CEO John Ross. “At Mission, we see ourselves as a partner in inpatient care, and we are committed to providing laundry services that meet the most rigorous cleanliness standards and support the important work healthcare professionals do every day.”

To earn Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification, a laundry facility must pass three rounds of microbial testing on various laundered products to confirm that their linens and garments consistently meet hygienically clean criteria. In addition, the plant must undergo a third-party inspection to verify that employees are properly trained and protected, managers understand all legal requirements, and the facility is OSHA compliant and operates effectively.

From the layout of the facility to its state-of-the-art technology, training methods and choice of washroom chemicals, Mission’s Chico facility implements a wide variety of processes and precautions to ensure healthcare facilities and their patients can count on hygienically clean textiles every time.