Ontario Fabricare Association Is Now The Canadian Fabricare Association

(TORONTO, ONT.) — The Ontario Fabricare Association (OFA) announced it will be now called the Canadian Fabricare Association (CFA), due to the growth of the association over the last three years, including growing membership from across Canada. The name and concept change will allow CFA to better reflect the needs and concerns of all its members throughout the country.  Though there used to be active associations in nearly every province in the past, some have stopped having conferences or activities. This leaves many cleaners without access to continuing education and connections in the industry.

“We joined OFA many years ago because Manitoba didn’t have an association for dry cleaners,” said Lisa Hiebert, CEO of Best Care Dry Cleaners in Winnipeg. “We have attended the annual conference a few times and found it very informative. We have made lasting industry connections.”

The Maritime Provinces also have no current association. “My experience being part of an association is that it keeps you informed as to new and ongoing things in the industry,” said Martin Jamieson, owner of Cleaners Express & Restorers and Deluxe Dry Cleaners in Nova Scotia. “An association is also a great way to network for information.”

Marie-Lou Noël, executive manager at Nettoyeur Vert Ltée in Shippagan, New Brunswick, doesn’t let her rural location keep her from being up to date. “Though we are far from an urban center, I have found the access to information about new trends or technology, or even about garment recalls and such, is still easily accessible with OFA. The conference last year in conjunction with Seneca College to discuss best practices, and the link between the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) and our association makes it richer for us.”

OFA has been building bridges with government agencies including Environment Canada, Ministry of Environment of Ontario, City of Toronto Board of Health, ChemTRAC, Better Business Bureau, Ministry of Corporate and Consumer Affairs Ontario, and various newspapers across Canada in order to better represent its members and work with these agencies to protect the health and environment of all Canadians, as well as create a better recognition of the professionalism of its members.

The association’s mission is to provide education and technical information to its members to enable them to practice industry best practices in their plants.   “We are proud that our membership is concerned about providing environmentally safe surroundings for their employees and the public,” said Sidney Chelsky, Executive Director of the association. “Our new name more accurately reflects our growing membership, and the influence of our organization across Canada.”

For more information regarding the association, visit the website at www.fabricare.org or contact Sidney Chelsky, Executive Director, Canadian Fabricare Association, (416) 573-1929, sidchelsky@fabricare.org