Ozone Washing & Heat, Water & Air

The use of ozone in washing has become accepted in the laundry industry – for good reasons.  Many claim that the use of ozone extends the life of textiles, it slashes hot water costs and detergent bills, and its use produces clean disinfected laundry.  There are other ways to cut costs in a laundry and be ‘green.’  Heat and water reclamation products are not only good for the environment, they help a laundry’s financial bottom line.   

In our Ozone Washing & Heat, Water & Air feature, The Laundry Ledger takes a look at ozone and reclamation products that are available to today’s commercial and industrial laundry professionals.    


The Laundry Ledger’s Qzone Washing, Heat, Water & Air special feature will publish in October.  

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