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Prudential Overall Supply Earns Green Recertification

Prudential Overall Supply, an industrial laundry operation in the uniform and facility services industry, announced that it has earned recertification as a Clean Green textile services operator, according to a press release.

The accolade reflects the company’s continued minimization of the use of water, energy and other supplies in its core operations: laundering and delivering apparel, floor mats, towels, mops and other reusable textile products for business use.

The certification, awarded by TRSA, an international linen, uniform and facility services industry association, verifies business-to-business laundries’ best practices in reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources. Initiated by TRSA, this list of practices has been adopted by ASTM International. That organization is renowned for nearly 120 years of involving top technical experts, scientists and environmental professionals in developing and delivering voluntary consensus standards unparalleled in building customer confidence in product and service quality.

Prudential received its initial Clean Green certification in 2012 and was the first chain industrial laundry operation to be honored with the designation. The company had long been heralded for exemplary performance in conserving resources and controlling discharges. Throughout the previous decade, as the industry developed benchmarks for measuring such efforts, Prudential proved its above-average capabilities in minimizing a laundry’s carbon footprint.