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Softrol Catalyst Chemical Injection Systems

Softrol Catalyst chemical injection systems are available in many configurations to fit the needs of a broad spectrum of chemical dispensing needs. From our industry standard C-Series for delivery from multiple pumps to the S-Series utilizing shared pumps and a smaller footprint. The T-Series is also offered for customizable tunnel system chemical dispensing that fits any batch washer configuration.

With precision as the design foundation, the Catalyst family uses flow meter based injection technology providing volumetric injection and water flush verification. With alarms for chemical delivery failure, real-time feedback and reports for washroom operation, the Catalyst provides unparalleled chemical delivery.

The Catalyst System also offers peace of mind in chemical delivery that is often compromised with a centralized dispensing unit. A unique feature of the Catalyst is full redundancy. Two Catalyst units offer the ability to continue chemical delivery to all washers when one unit is taken out of service for maintenance or repair.

Each Catalyst unit can work in a preferred range of machines to ensure equal utilization of equipment. When one unit is busy supplying chemical, the second will automatically delivers to the requesting machine.

The Softrol Catalyst chemical injection system provides a real-time display analysis of “todays” production status, along with advanced reporting of historical operational data for tracking chemical costs and operational trends.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Softrol