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Softrol Makes Tracking Easy

As a plant manager, efficiency and convenience are at the top of your priority list. Keep tabs on your warehouse and shipping process when you use one of Softrol’s inventory tracking technologies.

Track Individual Items

Softrol’s Softrack and Mat Tracking systems can give you perfect control over your plant’s inventory. Individual items are tracked with barcodes or RFID labels and listed digitally for your convenience. Check product availability, monitor inventory levels, and make decisions in advance of upcoming orders.

Track Carts and Bulk Items

Make cart management easier than ever before with Softrol’s PPS Cart system. PPS Cart uses check-in points to confirm inventory upon dropoff, while carts are being built, and before carts are checked out for the next delivery. Track based on either item count or garment weight, and receive variance reports if anything is out of place.

Track Customer Accounts

Softrak’s customer relations module is the best way to stay up-to-date with your customers’ needs. Manage communications, purchase requests, and invoices from the same convenient platform. Bundle verification lets you confirm that each order is going to the right place, and the reporting module gives you complete access to all of the efficiency data you could ever need.

Track It All With LOIS

Whether you choose Softrak, Mat Tracking, or PPS Cart, your new tracking system will be perfectly integrated with our Laundry Operation Information System. Read reports and check delivery statuses from anywhere in the world with our web and mobile interfaces. LOIS saves you time so you can keep your plant in motion. Learn more

Softrol’s integrated plant management systems can turn your facility into a well-oiled machine.

For more information, and to find out which tracking system is right for you contact the company:   Softrol