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Stop Washing Money Down the Drain

By Al Adcock, VP of Sales and Marketing at B&C Technologies


Faced with escalating costs for many items necessary in a laundry – you may overlook what is considered ‘a little drip.’

But how much could a drip like the one portrayed in the image above cost?

Say you have a drip about every 2 seconds, 30 drops a minute.  You’ve got 4 hoses like this in your laundry with similar drips leaking at each end.

By doing the math, you’ll see that it is a waste of over 8000 gallons per year.  That can translate to about $250 depending on your water and sewage rate.

Faster leaks will cost you even more!

A leaky drain valve will set you back financially even further still.  Instead of drips, you’ll be experiencing a continuous flow of water (and chemicals) out of the drain.

Finally, water valve diaphragms develop leaks due to age or contaminates in the valve body.  These cost water and monetary loss as well.  A solid preventative maintenance program will pay for itself many times over and lead to increased equipment uptime.

Make sure leak prevention is included in your preventative maintenance program so you can stop washing money down the drain.


About the Author:

Al Adcock is VP of Sales and Marketing at B&C Technologies.   He is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, working for different manufacturers in many different capacities before helping launch B&C Technologies in 2000. Adcock has played an instrumental role in the design of several machines on the market before moving to sales in 2013.

Based in Panama City Beach, FL, B&C Technologies is a family-owned customer-focused company that builds the highest quality laundry equipment at the most competitive prices. All B&C equipment relies on engineering-driven designs to produce machines that consistently perform and constantly produce.