Sunburst Chemicals Pass High Efficiency Tests

Compass, Ultimate, and Trifecta, three solid laundry detergents manufactured by Sunburst Chemicals, were recently tested by a third party for further validation of use in
high-efficiency washing machines. Having passed, they joined Reliance, a Sunburst Chemicals liquid detergent that previously passed the test, for a total of four products approved for use in high-efficiency washing machines.

“All three detergents were formulated for use in a HE (High-efficiency) laundry machine,” says Andrew Fraser, Sunburst Chemicals technical chemistry director.  “The HE detergents are low-sudsing and specially formulated not to over foam in high-efficiency front or top loading washers. Other products in a high-efficiency wash can produce too much sudsing action and this high foam can confuse your washer’s sensor in each wash cycle. This leads to your washing machine to stop the machine mid-wash, prevent it from washing properly, and/or rinsing the wash thoroughly.”

As part of the Conserv Energy System, Compass helps businesses save on utility costs, labor, equipment wear, and textile replacement costs by getting the job done the first time in cold or hot water. Compass is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program and contains ingredients with more positive health and environmental characteristics than conventional products.

Ultimate is suited best for institutional laundries. This non-caustic detergent yields results in both hard and soft water conditions while being gentle on linens.

Trifecta is a solid enzyme laundry detergent designed to work well in athletic laundries at lower temperatures required for jerseys and uniforms, being gentle on linens but getting out tough stains such as grass, clay, blood, and other soils.