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Sunburst Chemical’s PTC 903 Bleach Activator

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Sunburst Chemicals’ patented PTC 903 Bleach Activator’s exclusive formulation, when combined with a source of peroxide, generates an effective bleaching system by producing Peracetic Acid inside the wash wheel — even at low temperatures.

PTC 903 Bleach Activator’s oxidizing properties result in superior stain removal and brighter whites and colors without harming textiles. Straight Peracetic Acid products are very hazardous – PTC 903 bleach Activator eliminates that danger. Due to the lower pH of the wash solutions, and the milder bleaching over chlorine bleach, Sunburst has observed significant reduction of dryer lint, an indicator of reductions in tensile strength loss.

PTC 903 Activator provides many benefits for healthcare customers and laundry operators including: include:

o Safer on fabrics, safer on equipment and much safer for employee handling as it requires no special Personal Protective Equipment beyond safety glasses.
o Odorless, eliminating the “vinegar” smell in linen processing plants
o Equivalent performance in bleaching all types of goods
o Reduced temperatures in wash cycles (120°F – 145°F), bleach cycles, and reuse cycles
o Reduced tensile strength loss & linen damage
o Reduced alkalinity usage, and reduced sour usage
o Lower pH environment which reduces pH and TDS of waste water
o The benefits of peracid bleaching without its handling danger

PTC 903 Bleach Activator serves as an alternative to traditional peracid products but allows for a safer, more effective way to generate hygienically clean linens at a lower cost.