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  • Mann Joins ALM Board of Directors

    Mann Joins ALM Board of Directors

    Mark Mann has been selected by the ALM Board to step in for the newly-vacated director post. Mann is the Vice President USA Business Unit for MIP Inc. “I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Mann,” said Richard Bott, ALM Board President. “MIP is an organization with a rich history of providing ongoing

  • Best Practices to Support Hotel Industry During COVID

    Best Practices to Support Hotel Industry During COVID

    Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association for Linen Management (ALM) has fielded hundreds of questions from the hospitality industry surrounding issues related to hotel textiles, as well as the safety of laundry and housekeeping employees. In response, ALM assembled a Task Force of subject matter experts to provide guidance on best practices

  • ALM Conference Goes Hybrid

    ALM Conference Goes Hybrid

    The Association for Linen Management (ALM) recognizes that the coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us on multiple levels. Some of us are comfortable with traveling, while others are unable or unwilling to do so. To best provide its members and other professionals in the textile care services industry with the education and networking expected

  • ALM COVID-19 Resources

    ALM COVID-19 Resources

    As the situation with COVID-19 is very fluid, we are working to stay on top of all recommended guidance for textile care professionals, as well as updating our events and memberships as needed. These are truly uncharted times and we’re learning right alongside you as we navigate this pandemic together. We encourage everyone to stay

  • ALM Complimentary Webinar

    ALM Complimentary Webinar

    COVID-19 has impacted us all. Even if the disease itself has not struck us personally or directly impacted our families, we are all adjusting to unprecedented changes in our home lives, our social lives, and our communities. While some of us are overwhelmed trying to keep up with new demands placed on our workplace, others

  • ALM Coronavirus Statement and Healthcare Laundry Resources

    ALM Coronavirus Statement and Healthcare Laundry Resources

    Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is caused by a novel (new) coronavirus, first detected in China and now present in the United States. Because this is a new virus, much is unknown. However, to provide protection for workers and hygienically clean textiles for customers, we must implement what we know about the spread of infection while

  • ALM, TCATA and AAHOA Reschedule Events

    ALM, TCATA and AAHOA Reschedule Events

    ALM postponed its upcoming IMPACT 2020 in a recent press release that read: All of us at ALM have been as watchful of the COVID-19 pandemic as we are sure you have been. To best care for our members, the public, and our staff, we are making the choice to postpone IMPACT 2020. The 2020

  • ALM IMPACT Conference

    ALM IMPACT Conference

    ALM will be holding its IMPACT Conference March 23 – 25, 2020 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. ALM supports all companies, vendors, and providers in the textile care services industry. Whether you are for-profit, nonprofit, government, hospitality, or healthcare, ALM works to ensure you have all the guidelines, knowledge, and skills to make

  • ALM’s CLLM Education Program

    ALM’s CLLM Education Program

    The Certified Laundry and Linen Manager (CLLM) Certification Program is an ideal introductory program to laundry processing and linen management. This is an excellent tool for managerial personnel entering the laundry industry, including textile care sales professionals. Viewed as a comprehensive overview of the issues impacting laundry operations, this program is recognized in the industry

  • ALM’s New LaundryMarks

    ALM’s New LaundryMarks

    At The Clean Show, the Association for Linen Management (ALM), launched a revolutionary, new industry benchmarking platform, LaundryMarksTM by ALM. LaundryMarksTM is positioned to elevate business performance across the entire industry by offering dynamic, customizable, data to provide the entire laundry industry with actionable, updated near-real-time business intelligence. The industry will benefit from the ability to access