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  • Chem-Tainer Industries Expands Locations

    Chem-Tainer Industries Expands Locations

    UKIAH, Calif.– “The Cart Guys®” at Maxi-Movers, a manufacturing division of Chem-Tainer Industries confirmed that the construction of their new 7,000 sq. ft. factory in Northern California is nearing completion. “Knock on wood but this project and site selection’s been a breeze thus far. The people here are great and we’re excited to become a part

  • Maxi-Movers Spring Lift Platform Truck

    Maxi-Movers Spring Lift Platform Truck

    On display at Clean 2015 are Maxi-Movers’ rugged trucks. Their spring lift platform brings the material up to the worker for efficient and safe operation. Capacities from 15 to 23 cubic ft. M2914, M2820 and M2920 models are designed to handle smaller linens such as washcloths, towels and pillow cases. Bases on M2914 and M2920