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TCATA’s 2018 Conference

By TCATA President, Gerald Henke, Intex Distributing Company

With less than three months until the 2018 TCATA conference in Puerto Rico, I sincerely hope you are making plans to attend.  As CEO David Cotter has reported, our first visit in January was a very pleasant surprise and revealed resort and city eager and ready to host the conference.  The Wyndham Rio Mar is a gorgeous beach resort and has used the “down time” to renovate and improve their facilities.  The city of San Juan has done a marvelous job of recovering from the hurricane damage and both the new and old parts of town are in excellent condition, ready to receive tourists.

Besides the appeal of the tropical island of Puerto Rico, the 2018 TCATA conference will provide an excellent business program, an exceptionally unique Thursday party venue, two very fine golf courses and a fun spouse/guest program.  As always, it is also a terrific opportunity to socialize with old friends, make new ones, and to interact with fellow TCATA members that are leaders in the textile care industry.  My experience in attending TCATA conferences for over 35 years is that they have been invaluable in developing business relationships that likely would not have occurred anywhere else, which makes these annual conference of the highest priority.

It is a natural inclination to provide help and support to areas that suffer a severe disaster, as Puerto Rico did; but it is also sometimes difficult to know how best to help.  I can assure you, that by coming to Puerto Rico and spending money there, you are truly helping and supporting an island that is very dependent on tourism.  My encouragement to all of you is to please attend the 2018 TCATA conference in Puerto Rico…and tip heavy!