Leonard Laundry

The Benefits of Associations – Letter to the Editor

Most companies would benefit from joining an industry trade association and taking a role as a participating member. By doing so, they show concern for the success of their business and the businesses of fellow members; and they show support to an association that represents and works for the best interests of their industry.

Associations representing our industry have made a commitment to support their membership. They share members’ industry concerns, and where possible, work with government agencies to alleviate those issues. Association membership enables a two way street of shared purpose and trust.

I speak on behalf of the Ontario Fabricare Association (OFA). The OFA was founded in 1949 to give launderers and dry cleaners in Ontario a united voice on issues that affect their businesses and livelihood. The Association represents its members on the local, provincial and even national level to ensure regulations and laws are based on factual information and fairness to all concerned. Our annual conference provides many educational opportunities as we cover various topics important to our members, and non-member professionals who attend.

There are many industry associations representing and supporting our businesses. Joining an association that supports your interests is mutually beneficial to you – and the association you join. You will gain the benefits that an association affords its membership and that association will grow in strength and gain one more voice to help represent your industry.

Sidney Chelsky
Executive Director
Ontario Fabricare Association

Photo Identifier: (L to R)
Rob McConnell (incoming President-OFA)
Brad Maxwell (President-OFA)
The Honourable Glen Murray (Minister of Environment and Climate Change)
Sidney Chelsky (Executive Director-OFA)