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Meese/Dura-Cast Clean Announcement

The Meese/Dura-Cast booth was buzzing with excitement at the recent CLEAN Show 2022. Since these two powerhouse companies recently combined forces, customers now have more choices than ever to find the specific products they need. Whether sorting, storing, processing or delivering linens, Meese/Dura-Cast products can help customers find the right products. 

Show attendees had the chance to see some of the best-selling, innovative and ergonomic laundry carts up close. Meese Bulk-Trux like the popular and ergonomic 72S and the easy-to-transport 72N garnered lots of attention. The multi-functional P319 Utility-Trux was a great option for those needing to sort and collect linens. In addition, the 72 ERGO, the 102P Shelf-Trux and the LinenMaster 48 were also on hand in the booth.

“I want to thank all the show attendees who stopped by to say hello and check out our products,” says David Quinney, Regional Sales Manager.  “We think Meese and Dura-Cast are in a unique position to work together to provide a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of our customers going forward.” 

For more information about the products seen at the show or any of Meese and Dura-Cast’s other products, please reach out to Dave McHugh (dmchugh@meeseinc.com), David Quinney (dquinney@meeseinc.com) or Steve Knox (sknox@meeseinc.com). 


For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Meese