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TRSA Launches Safety & Health Certification

TRSA is launching a plant-based Safety & Health Certification (S&H). The S&H was created by the TRSA Safety Committee to help laundry facilities create a culture of safety that provides a return on investment by increasing productivity and engagement while reducing injuries, absenteeism and workers’ compensation costs.

“The S&H certification process of internal evaluation, application, inspection and improvement provides laundries with a path toward continuous improvement,” said Joseph Ricci, CAE, president & CEO, TRSA. “It offers a path toward employee engagement that helps organizations create a culture of safety.”

Laundries earning the TRSA S&H Certification have demonstrated best quality management practices verified by an independent, third-party inspection process. Modeled on the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) guidelines, prerequisites for obtaining the S&H certification include:

·        Protocols and compliance for workplace and worker safety (PPE, ergonomics, proper training on tools and equipment, access to First Aid, etc.)

·        Prioritizing an environment that benefits workers and results in increased productivity and worker satisfaction

·        Creating opportunities for increased plant output by minimizing equipment downtime

·        Increasing plant bottom line through reduced Workers’ Comp premiums and avoidance of the costs associated with worker injury/equipment malfunction

·        Identifying hazards that could be cause for citations or fines during formal OSHA inspections

·        Empowering employee safety training and input on solutions to issues that may be plant-specific

In addition, earning the S&H Certification also includes implementation of an effective OSHA recordkeeping program and two-years OSHA TRIR (total recordable incident rate) that are less than or equal to the Bureau of Labor Statistics annual report. Interested laundries should download and review the TRSA S&H Standard at www.trsa.org/certification and follow up procedures provided at that site.

Obtaining a culture of safety, organizations documented:

·        70% fewer employee safety incidents

·        41% lower absenteeism

·        40% fewer quality defects

·        21% higher profitability

·        20% higher sales

·        17% higher productivity

·        10% higher customer satisfaction

*Source: Gallup 2017 report, State of the American Worker