Leonard Laundry

TRSA New Conference Format

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—TRSA is introducing a new approach to reduce the expense for an operator member (laundry) to attend TRSA’s Annual Conference while facilitating more constructive problem-and-solution discussions with associate member (laundry supplier) partners. The Sept. 19-21 event near Phoenix will feature the new Executive Exchange, replacing exhibits with scheduled interactions.

Changing how textile services executives learn about new products and services, the sessions will provide ample opportunity for discussing the most pertinent innovations by matching associates and operators. They will schedule, accept and reject proposed invitations to ensure productive meetings.

Owners, senior executives and other laundry professional decision-makers who commit to nine such 15-minute meetings receive a 100% rebate of their Conference registration fee ($995). And an additional $500 rebate will be awarded for a second company representative who participates, generating a combined savings of $1,500.

These sessions will take place in 2-hour Conference agenda blocks on Tuesday, Sept. 20 and Wednesday, Sept. 21. Appointment setting will take place approximately three weeks prior to the Conference. Participants will receive detailed instructions on using the online scheduling process before the matchmaking begins.

“These 15-minute meetings between operators’ decision-makers and leading associate suppliers offer a unique opportunity to learn about new, innovative products and develop personal connections,” said TRSA President and CEO Joseph Ricci. “There is no better format for textile services executives to spend focused time researching the products and services that can improve operational efficiency.”

The TRSA Annual Conference & Executive Exchange fosters interaction between nearly 100 executives and senior management from independent, regional and national companies providing textile services to the food/beverage, healthcare, hospitality and industrial/uniform sectors.