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Xeros Introduces System for Firefighters’ PPE

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Xeros, the innovator of an ultra-low water laundry system, announced a new NFPA 1851 compliant, polymer cleaning solution for firefighters’ personal protective equipment (PPE) that uses 80% less water, 50% less energy and 50% less chemical, and is gentle on firefighter ensembles. The Xeros NFPA 1851 compliant polymer laundry system provides a cleaning method that is highly cost-effective, eco-friendly, and gentle on turnout gear thus saving on replacement costs.  The system is now available to fire stations, government and military agencies.

“We’ve noticed that the quality of our PPE cleaning at our firehouse is remarkably better with the Xeros machines than any of our current commercial washing machines,” says Lieutenant Stephen Horvath of Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue, VA. “On top of that, we can now clean up to 18 pieces of outer or inner linings in the Xeros machines, whereas before we could only wash up to 4 pieces of either at a time.  This has made washing our PPE after calls much more convenient and efficient for our crews.”

The Xeros polymer beads replace water as the primary cleaning agent, drastically reducing the amount of water needed, while providing a visibly cleaner result. The beads remain in the machine and can be used for hundreds of washes.  At the end of their useful life, the beads are removed and recycled. The molecular structure of the beads attract soil from the gear, producing cleaner results. The Xeros system uses a detergent package that is compliant with the pH requirements of NFPA 1851 and developed to work with low water levels and wash temperatures at or below 105° F as required.

Xeros offers Sbeadycare a fully integrated, all-inclusive program that provides a stress-free solution to firefighter’s laundry operation with options that include NFPA and OSHA compliant training, polymer cleaning technology, service and support, and maintenance.

“Xeros has built a strong reputation to create fanatical customers who experience real value and benefits from using our polymer cleaning technology. We are excited to introduce our offering into the fire industry add and are confident that the results experienced through affirmation partners will be realized by all who adopt our system,” said Joe Bazzinotti, Global Commercial Laundry President, at Xeros.