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ALSCO’s Banbury Grand Reopening

Banbury, UK – Alsco announced the grand reopening of CLEAN’s Banbury facility, a significant leap forward in its mission to provide top-tier workwear and PPE processing services, according to a news release. This transformation is the result of a substantial £1.9 million investment, turning the 24,000 sq-ft space into a cutting-edge hub under the Alsco Uniforms brand.

From Linen to Workwear A Strategic Shift

Originally dedicated to hotel linen, the company’s Banbury facility has been reborn to meet the surging demand for clean, safe workwear rental services. Serving regions from Oxfordshire to the West Midlands, Alsco is poised to deliver unparalleled service quality.

A Testament to Long-Term Investment

“At Alsco, we’re investors for the long term. Our company has been around for about 135 years, always owned by the same family. Today, we’re proud to announce the opening of our new workwear laundry plant,” said Bob Steiner, president of Alsco Uniforms. “This plant is not just a physical structure, but a testament to our commitment to providing value to our customers and their businesses. The uniforms and PPE workwear we produce here will significantly enhance the safety of their employees and improve their image. We value our customers and their loyalty, and we’re committed to taking good care of them, ensuring they stay with us.”

Meeting High Demand with High Capacity

Equipped to handle 40,000 workwear items weekly, the facility is ready to support the high-tech manufacturing and engineering sectors. Over the past year, the company has welcomed over 25 new team members, and as it approaches full capacity, it anticipates further expansion in workforce.

A Chapter of Growth and Safety

“The transformation of our Banbury facility into a PPE workwear processing plant allows us to serve the local and regional business community,” said Kevin Godley, CEO of CLEAN. “As businesses and industries prioritise employee protection and safety, we are ready to provide reliable, efficient, and hygienic laundry services to meet these critical needs.”