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ALM’s New LaundryMarks

At The Clean Show, the Association for Linen Management (ALM), launched a revolutionary, new industry benchmarking platform, LaundryMarksTM by ALM.

LaundryMarksTM is positioned to elevate business performance across the entire industry by offering dynamic, customizable, data to provide the entire laundry industry with actionable, updated near-real-time business intelligence. The industry will benefit from the ability to access comparative data, according to a news release.

Powerful industry comparisons

Through industry comparisons in hospitality, healthcare, and industrial facilities, the LaundryMarksTM platform will drive business performance for both single- and multi-location laundries. The data is processed through a secure, robust, digital system.

The platform represents a great leap forward in business performance intelligence and is the first digital benchmarking tool for the laundry industry. LaundryMarksTM provides the laundry industry with insights into similar organizations’ performance and how they stand in comparison.

Dynamic, digital reporting

LaundryMarksTM generates reports on a wide variety of industry-specific key performance indicators in the areas of production, workforce efficiency, utilities, safety, and quality. The custom reports can be filtered by

  • Location
  • Pounds processed
  • Product line
  • Level of automation

and over fifteen other user-customizable factors. The reports provide data essential for determining opportunities for improvement, planning resources and investments, and building a business plan.


This dynamic new platform is designed for the digital age.

Advancing laundry industry business performance

ALM knew the industry needed actionable and updated business intelligence and made a significant investment to develop a cutting-edge benchmarking platform that provides constantly-updated, customizable and immediately accessible information.

Built by the industry for the industry

LaundryMarksTM represents a year of intense work by a dedicated team of experienced industry experts representing a broad spectrum of laundry types. ALM is giving the industry a sound operational tool to equip each laundry with the data essential to drive performance and improvements in efficiency, safety and quality.

Available to all laundries

All laundry facilities may enter data and access filtered reporting comparing their company to the database in aggregate at no charge. ALM laundry members will have additional filtering capabilities.

New features and reports will be added as more information is entered into the secure benchmarking database.