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Alsco Holds Lottery to Encourage Vaccination

Alsco Uniforms, a Salt Lake City-based uniform and linen rental company put up $130,000 for an employee vaccination lottery, according to a news release.

Committed to working closely with public health agencies in facilitating the vaccination of its employees, Alsco embraces its responsibility in fostering trust for the safety of the vaccination process. So it strongly encourages employees to receive the vaccine. The latest in this encouragement from Alsco is a vaccination lottery called, Vax to the Future.

The Vax to the Future lottery for Alsco employees runs for the next six weeks and gives employees who receive at least the first shot of the vaccination the opportunity to win up to $35,000 over several drawings. The first three drawings, offer opportunities to win $10,000 to one newly vaccinated employee each drawing. The grand prize drawing for one of four chances to win $25,000, will be held in October and will be for all vaccinated employees, including those vaccinated prior to the lottery.

“We’re excited to offer this vaccination lottery to all Alsco Uniform employees. It’s a win-win for employees still sitting on the fence. By getting vaccinated, you either can win a lot of money, but more importantly, you keep yourself, your family, co-workers and community healthy and safe,” said co-CEO Robert Steiner.

“Alsco Uniforms is not just offering this vaccination lottery but has previously given PTO, cash bonuses and sick days to employees who get the vaccine. We’re doing all we can to fight COVID-19,” said co-CEO Kevin Steiner.

From day one of the COVID-19 lockdowns, Alsco Uniforms has been deemed an essential service. Its uniform and linen laundry services are vital to the operation of restaurants, health care facilities and industrial businesses. The hygienically clean linen, uniforms and cleaning supplies they produce are critical to keeping businesses open and safe. Promoting the vaccine with incentives will not only keep its employees healthy but also keep its customers and their guests healthy. Alsco Uniforms is committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19.