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AmeriPride Appoints Safety & Sustainability Officer

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — AmeriPride Services announced the appointment of Brian Keegan to a new role as Safety and Sustainability Officer (SSO). Keegan reports to Bill Evans, AmeriPride’s President and CEO, and will be responsible for the overall leadership of the organization’s safety and sustainability programs and the further integration of these initiatives with the company’s business objectives.

“Safety and sustainability is a top priority for us and will continue to be so in the future,” said Evans. “This move helps us to elevate the importance and visibility of safety and sustainability throughout the company and industry, while leveraging Brian’s considerable strengths and leadership in this area.”

Keegan has more than 28 years of industry experience in various roles including production operations, engineering, fleet operations, supply chain, environmental compliance, health and safety. He has been with AmeriPride since 2007 and recently chaired the Textile Rental Service Association’s Governmental Affairs Committee. According to Evans, Keegan is a key member of the senior leadership team and has made many impactful and lasting contributions to the company and the industry.

“Sustainability has become increasingly important to our employees, customers and prospects, family ownership and the public at large,” said Evans. “We are committed to leading the industry in corporate responsibility through employee health and safety and environmentally sustainable operations, and this executive appointment further reinforces our ongoing commitment these efforts.”

AmeriPride is implementing a variety of sustainability programs across the US and Canada including alternative fuel vehicles, heat reclamation systems in the plants, solar power, mat and paper recycling, water conservation and more. Details on AmeriPride’s efforts can be found in the company’s first-ever Corporate Responsibility Report, which outlines many key initiatives it is sponsoring.