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Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Earns TRSA Hygienically Clean Cert.

Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Services has achieved the Textile Rental Services Association’s Hygienically Clean Certification, according to a news release.

This certification is the quantified, validated standard and measure for hygienically clean textiles in North America since 2011, and achieving this certification reflects Bates Troy’s commitment to best-management practices in laundering as verified by on-site inspection. The certification also highlights the company’s capability to produce hygienically clean textiles as quantified by ongoing microbial testing based on established Hygienically Clean Healthcare textile methods and standards.

The Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification confirms this organization’s continuing dedication to infection prevention, compliance with recognized industry standards and processing healthcare textiles using BMPs as described in its quality-assurance documentation, a focal point for Hygienically Clean inspectors’ evaluation.

“Congratulations to Bates Troy on their most recent certification,” said Joseph Ricci, TRSA president and CEO. “This achievement proves their commitment to infection prevention and that their laundries take every step possible to prevent human illness.”

The independent, third-party inspection must also confirm essential evidence that: employees are properly trained and protected; managers understand regulatory requirements; the facility is OSHA-compliant and the physical plant operates effectively

To achieve certification initially, laundries pass three rounds of outcome-based microbial testing, indicating that their processes are producing Hygienically Clean Healthcare textiles and diminished presence of yeast, mold and harmful bacteria.

“Bates Troy is excited to have achieved TRSA’s Hygienically Clean certification. We will be providing our customers with a quantified, higher level of clean along with helping prevent bacteria regrowth while stored in their facilities. Bates Troy is doing this as a value add for our customers, at no additional costs to them, while safeguarding the acute, ambulatory, & long-term care patients against hospital acquire infections (HAI’s).”

This new quantitative certification is in addition to the Healthcare Linen Accreditation Council (HLAC) certification which Bates Troy Inc. has had since 2007.

Bates Troy, Inc. is a Binghamton, NY based Healthcare Linen Service dating back to the late 1800’s. Bates Troy remains family owned and operated for 3 generations serving the STNY, CNY, NEPA markets.