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B&C Service School Update

A note from B&C:

We have been receiving questions about our service school.  As you know we had to cancel the October service school due to Hurricane Michael.  We are still dealing with the effects of the hurricane so we have not been able to reschedule yet.

Even though our facility fared well and is fully operational, things are not normal yet for the community.  The town itself has seen an increase in population from workers and volunteers.  Traffic is congested and there aren’t any room available.

Although slow going, debris cleanup is underway.  The image above, taken recently, represents the massive amount of work to be done in the area.  But it is getting better every day.

We are keeping an eye on the progress to best determine when we can begin our service schools again.  As soon as we have a better idea of when that will be, we will let everyone know.

B&C is operating normally and keeping regular business hours.  Our phones and internet are fully operational, so phone calls and emails are being answered.

We would like to thank everyone for the kind words, patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through this difficult time.


For more information, visit the company’s web site:  B&C Technologies