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B&C Tech Drying Cabinets

The TS series of drying cabinets from B&C Technologies is designed to efficiently hang dry delicate garments that should not be tumble dried.
B&C’s drying cabinets are perfect for pillows, embellished items, knit silk, satin, rugs and any fabric that can’t handle friction that comes with traditional tumble drying.   Delicate items can be dried efficiently without mechanical action using either manual or automatic drying modes with accurate temperature and humidity sensing.
A three fan system and inverse pressure drying allows for shorter drying times and lower drying costs.  The TS-63 offers 20 lb capacity and swing out hanging rails with 50 feet of of hanging length – or a single hanging bar is also an option.  The TS-93 has a 32 lb capacity and 90 feet of hanging space. The programmable temperatures range from room temperature to high temp programs, up to 195 degrees F which greatly reduces allergens and bacterial contaminants.
These unique cabinets are ideal for dry cleaners, wet-clean installations, ski resorts for ski clothes and boots, schools for students’ jackets and boots, theaters and costume rental companies for costumes, and any application that requires gentle drying.


For more information, visit the company’s web site at:  B & C Technologies