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B&C Technologies Drying Cabinet

PANAMA BEACH, Fla — The B&C TS drying cabinets offer efficient hang drying for sensitive garments that should not be tumble dried.

To protect these delicate garments, the cabinets dry without mechanical action at precision-controlled temperature and humidity levels. Utilizing shorter drying times than standard tumble dryers, the TS line conserves energy and saves money.

A built-in sanitation program greatly reduces allergens and bacterial contaminants, while other manual or automatic programs allow for total flexibility during the drying process. Features that make this line easy to use include: racks that swing out for easy loading and unloading, interior lighting, doors that open 190 degrees, adjustable feet located inside the cabinet, and a large easy to read display.

The TS drying cabinets offer the most delicate care and control for the laundry that needs it most, proving to be a worthwhile addition to any laundry operation

For more information visit the company’s web site:  B&C Technologies