Bernstein Launches Consulting Firm

David Bernstein has launched a new consulting firm, Propeller Solutions Group, LLC, offering services primarily to the laundry industry. Bernstein is returning to consulting after a 5-year hiatus during which he established and led Lapauw USA. The new firm will begin offering services immediately.

“I am honored and privileged to have led Lapauw USA, a company whose people and products I respect and admire, but when I identified an opportunity and a need for a new consulting firm, I had to pursue it. I have a passion for helping people and organizations reach their greatest potential through the services and training programs my experience, education, and talent allow me to offer, and providing these services is something I have been missing ever since I left the consulting world five years ago,” Bernstein said.

In addition to his most recent position, Bernstein has also served the industry through leadership roles at Consolidated Laundry Machinery, the Uniform & Textile Services Association, F-MATIC, and Turn-Key Industrial Engineering Services; he has provided consulting to firms on five continents. A Lean Six Sigma certified professional, Bernstein is known as an industry volunteer and advocate, is the recipient of industry awards – UTSA’s Plant Operations Hall of Fame and TRSA’s Leadership award, and he has served on industry Boards of Directors and committees – Western Textile Services Association, TRSA and currently Association for Linen Management.  He is a frequent  public speaker and long-time faculty member at industry institutes and colleges – the Production Management Institute (TRSA), Managing Maintenance Institute (TRSA) and American Laundry & Linen College (ALM).

“My intent in creating Propeller is for it to be the industry’s premier provider of laundry engineering, training, and consulting services, with the goal of helping our clients and their businesses reach new heights of revenue, profit, throughput, and customer retention,” Bernstein said. “That helps explain the company name. As for the logo, it is intended to be evocative, in a somewhat whimsical way, of my reputation for taking an analytical, data-driven, and some might say, ‘nerdy,’ approach to solutions. Over the next months I will be adding to the Propeller team with like-minded individuals whose experiences and talents complement and supplement my own.”

Among the services offered by the company at inception are facility design and engineering, process improvement, Lean Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing consultation and implementation, and industrial engineering services such as time and motion studies, production standards development, capacity analysis, carbon footprint monitoring, and technology consulting. In addition to these services, the firm plans to offer training and consulting in the areas of sales and customer service, through both regular seminars and workshops around North America, as well as on-site customized programs tailored to each customer’s individual needs.