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Braun Awarded Another Safety Related Patent

SYRACUSE, NY. — G. A. Braun was recently awarded a U.S. Patent for its Industrial Washer Door Locking Mechanism and System that is used on its Advantage Tilting Side Loader® Washer/Extractor.  This solution is a Class / Category 3 rated / monitored safety solution, which ensures that end users can’t operate the machine in an unsafe condition due to a failure to properly latch and secure the cylinder doors.

G. A. Braun was the first to feature this technology, displaying it at the 2015 Clean Show in Atlanta, and only G. A. Braun authorized purchasers are permitted to use this patented technology, according to the company.

This machine was showcased at the recent Clean Show and received high marks for durability, ease of use, and safety from the operators in attendance. These comments echo the feedback that has been received by those who have placed this unit into their facilities.

“We are very excited about this new product, and the award of this patent. Our TEAM has worked very hard to make certain that we addressed the desires of our clients, and in so doing provided them with a solution that is unmatched for safety, and reliability,”  G.A. Braun President, Joe Gudenburr says.

There is an additional operational and safety patent pending on this new machine as well.

To learn more about his technology and full line of Braun products visit the company’s web site:  G.A. Braun