Braun’s Batch Tunnel Washer Press

SYRACUSE, NY — Braun’s SmoothFlow® Batch Tunnel Washer Press, like all Braun equipment solutions, has been engineered with the focus on performance, reliability and safety.

Some of the new features include:

Water Collection Tanks

  • Moats are external to the press guards, giving maintenance technicians easier access to pumps, belt, and tensioners
  • Large steps gives the operators safe, non-slip areas to interact with the press
  • The design directs all water being pressed from the goods into the water collection tanks, eliminating splashes and sprays

Door and Guarding Design

  • Enhances visibility inside of the press
  • Easily removable for maintenance

Split Panel Control Box

  • The split panel control box is an exceptional safety feature which separates the high voltage components from the low voltage.