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Braun’s Batch Tunnel Washer Press

SYRACUSE, NY —Braun’s SmoothFlow® Batch Tunnel Washer Press, like all Braun equipment solutions, has been engineered with the focus on performance, reliability and safety. It is the perfect compliment to any batch tunnel washing system.

Some of the many design and safety features include:

  • Hydraulic design provides superb efficiency and longer time under high pressure per tunnel cycle
  • Exclusive Parker Hannifin hydraulics three-year, leak-free guarantee on Parker fittings and hoses (GPP Program)
  • ARC Flash Compliant with split panel design – standard on all Braun machines
  • Electronic transfer belt, reduces belt wear
  • Floating press head for even membrane wear
  • U.S. Manufactured, with 24/7 parts availability
  • Easy to maintain

Press Membrane

  • White press membrane ensures no marks on goods
  • Membrane built to last, and offered with waterless disks for further life after being cut
  • Built-in retaining ring significantly shortens change-out times
  • Unique pattern on bottom reduces potential for cakes to stick

· Available for both water-fill and waterless-fill systems

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  BRAUN