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Sea-lion’s Latest State-of-the-Art Facility in Zhejiang

In June of 2021 a new laundry facility, Evergreen Washing Co., Ltd., in the Chinese province of Zhejiang began operations. Located south of Shanghai in the urbanized archipelago of Zhoushan city’s High-tech Industrial Park, the facility processes linen services for the local hospitality market.

With a footprint of over 2,800 square meters (30,000 square feet), the laundry was built with the capacity to expand. The facility currently processes 14,000 tons per year and its washing capacity is expected to be 36,000 tons yearly in 5 years. Two shifts of 35 team members currently keep the goods moving in the laundry that is working exclusively with Sea-lion equipment.

“The laundry processing plant is highly automated featuring soiled sorting, overhead rail systems for soiled and clean linens, tunnel washing systems, shuttles, elevators, conveyors, stand-alone washers and dryers, and several lines of finishing and folding equipment,” says Aaron Zhang, deputy general manager, Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd.

For Phase I of the project, purchases included two 16-batch 135-pound tunnel washer systems, five 220-pound and one 110-pound washer-extractors, four 220-pound dryers, a high-speed serpentine ironer with feeder and folder and a chest type ironer with feeder, folder and stacker for larger linens, a 4-roll flatwork ironer with folder for small items, triple sort towel folders, and an intelligent automation system starting with soiled sorting stations, an overhead monorail sling system for both soiled and clean laundry with 90 bags, shuttles, and conveyors. In addition to the overhead rail system, the mezzanine-level automated dryer line utilizes elevators and conveyors to make best use of available space.

“When we first chose the equipment, we learned that Sea-lion is a long-established enterprise in China with a well-known brand, forward-thinking technology, user-friendly designs and stable operation,” says Jihui Wang, facility representative. “Their market share is high, the price is reasonable, offices are set up everywhere, and the after-sales service is guaranteed.”

With an eye towards environmental conservation, the new facility is outfitted with water reclamation. “We have adopted a MBR (membrane bio-reactor) and RO (reverse osmosis) washing water recovery system,” says Wang. “At present, 600 tons (150,000 gallons) of washing water can be reused every day. Our water recovery system is saving more than 200,000 tons of tap water yearly.”

“We are very proud to be a part of this state-of-the-art facility,” says Ed Kirejczyk, president, Sea-lion America. “Looking forward to growing our brand worldwide and putting more Sea-lion technology to work here in North America.”




For more information, visit the company’s website:  Sea-lion