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Braun’s Linen Transportation Options

G. A. Braun manufactures a wide variety shuttle systems including our line of SafeLoad Shuttle Systems®. These systems significantly enhance wash room safety. The chute load system provides operators a safe means for loading and unloading open pocket washers and dryers, virtually eliminating hazards associated with semi-automated and automated wash alleys.

SafeLoad shuttles feature a hydraulically controlled loading device. Mounted on to the shuttle, it allows the operator to engage it into the washer door opening. Once engaged, the operator can then control the goods bag to open and automatically drop through the loading device into the washer. This system is available with a “cockpit” for ride-on operation, or with a remote control panel. Both facilitate continuous processing.

SafeLoad Shuttle system is also available in a non-ride-on configuration.

For a complete listing of available shuttle systems and much more detail, please visit:  www.gabraun.com/#product-categories/material-handlingshuttles-and-safety-devices.

To watch a brief video featuring our latest patent pending shuttle system visit: www.gabraun.com/videos.


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