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Braun’s Washer / Extractors

G. A. Braun manufactures a wide variety of washer/extractors including:

Open Pocket Washer/Extractors

Braun open pocket washers are available in processing capacities of 250-300, 400-600, and 600-700 lbs., dry weight load sizes. All Braun open pocket washers can be ordered for chute loading. These machines offer the largest processing capability in the industry per allocation of floor space. This is significant as operators look to maximize their productivity in their existing facilities.

Top Side Loader Washer/Extractors

Braun TSL washers are available with split two-pocket and three-pocket models, and processing capacities of 200-250, 400-450, 600-700, and 800-900 lbs., dry weight load sizes. Single motor drive is currently standard on all 200, 400, and 600 lb. machines.

Top Side Loader Washer/Extractors (Medicare)

Braun TSL Medicare Washers are designed for the health care industry or clean room applications – – soiled laundry loads on one side, clean laundry unloads the other. A full barrier wall and our patented Mediflow negative air-flow system prevents cross-contamination. The Medicare TSL is available in 200, 400, 600 and 800 lb. models.

End Loader Washer/Extractor

Braun’s End Loader (EL) washer/extractor is a heavy-duty, dependable workhorse available in 100, 200, 300 and 400 lb. models.

For detailed information on each washer/extractor visit the company’s web site: http://products.gabraun.com/#product-categories/washerextractors

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