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TRSA Compensation Report

ALEXANDRIA, Va. —Healthcare launderers and food and beverage linen services compensate employees better than their counterparts with largely industrial customers or a balance of these markets, according to the 2015 TRSA Plant Employee Compensation Report, the only laundry industry-specific report available that lists actual salaries, wages and benefits in the industry.

The study of 35 TRSA independent member operations produced salary/hourly rate and total compensation data on 14 positions: 10 salaried and four hourly. Comparing median values for each job in each market specialty reveals that F&B specialists were the best payers by a slight margin over healthcare launderers when factoring in bonuses. For the 15 positions for which the survey generated salary/hourly rate data only, healthcare was best, barely better than F&B. (The additional position: a lower-skilled production line worker.)

Salaried positions covered in the comparison:

•             Vice President

•             General Manager

•             Plant/Operations Manager

•             Production Supervisor

•             Service Manager

•             Route Supervisor

•             Chief Engineer

•             Human Resources Director

•             Office Manager

•             Sales Representative

The highest salary for these positions was $130,000 for a healthcare laundry VP; with benefits, the highest compensation in this job was in F&B ($158,000). The range of salaries for VPs bottomed at $93,600 (industrial) and total VP compensation at $118,600 (also industrial).

Lowest salary was $41,600 for an F&B sales rep; with benefits, $45,350 for a healthcare sales rep. The high end in each of these categories: salary only, $45,025, industrial; total compensation, $55,000, F&B.

TRSA Compensation Report

Although not included in the market specialty comparison, the report also contains salary and bonus data on these overtime-exempt positions:

•             Branch Manager

•             Shift Manager

•             Safety Director/Manager

•             Sales Manager

Hourly positions covered in the market specialty comparison were route sales rep/route person, mechanic and production worker at three skill levels, all with one to four years’ experience. Highest base pay was an F&B mechanic at $19 per hour; lowest, a mixed-plant production worker at $8.10. Including bonuses, those same positions held their respective spots, at $24.49 and $9.05.

Also included in the report are the percentages of firms paying incentives and median bonus percentages. For route sales reps and route drivers, popularity is gauged of the following bases for reps’ pay:

•             Straight salary/hourly rate

•             Straight commission

•             Salary/hourly rate plus commission

Data portraying popularity of benefit programs offers insight into industry operators’ provision of:

•             Medical/hospitalization for employees and dependents

•             Prescription drug

•             Dental

•             Vision/optical

•             Insurance: group term life, long- and short-term disability

•             Flexible benefits

•             Health savings account

You’ll see medical, prescription and dental deductibles and co-pays, plus corporate policies related to:

•             Retirement income

•             401(k) matching

•             Paid time off (PTO) and sick days

•             PTO carryover

•             Shift premium pay

Besides market specialty (business line), comparisons are also included by company size (locations and sales volume). Information for ordering the 2015 TRSA Plant Employee Compensation Report is available at bit.ly/trsacompreport. To get this data as well as the 2015 TRSA Industry Performance Report for comparing financial results of textile services companies, go to bit.ly/trsaperf-comp. For other inquiries regarding TRSA research, contact Tom Newell, tnewell@trsa.org, 877.770.9274 or 703.519.0029, ext. 104.