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CLM Training Ingrains Best Practices

Working closely with customers to maximize the value of their reliable, cutting-edge industrial dryers, Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) recently hosted a successful dryer service training program for employees of long-time customer Prudential Overall Supply (POS) at CLM factory headquarters in Pomona, California.

CLM is a “dryer-only” manufacturer that makes one-of-a-kind industrial dryers capable of being configured in multiple ways to accommodate any installation.  With best-of-class features such as its integrated MicroCommand™ PLC III for precise operational control, CLM’s dryer line is recognized throughout the industry for efficient design that improves overall plant safety while increasing productivity.

“POS wanted both classroom instruction and hands-on training for their corporate and plant engineers to bring everyone up to speed on best operation and maintenance practices for our industrial dryers,” said Gabriel Camacho, President.

Along with a classroom program taking place in CLM’s  Training Center, CLM was able to utilize production machines on the factory floor, in various stages of completion, to advance hands-on demonstration and training of participants.

Since 1932, Prudential Overall Supply has established a reputation as a leader in state-of-the-art industrial laundering and cleanroom garment processing.  CLM dryers are a key to their success, so giving POS employees a deeper understanding of how they function makes good business sense.

Solid operational knowledge makes for fewer user errors and better trouble-shooting when small issues do pop up.

“At the end of the day, our training program built confidence in overall use of our machines, and that will translate to better efficiency, longer machine life and more profitability,” Camacho said.


CLM training programs can be customized for operators and include these elements:

  • Mechanical & Pneumatic Systems
  • Preventive Maintenance Procedures
  • Heating System Maintenance and Calibration
  • Dryer Controls and Electrical Components
  • PLC Programming and Troubleshooting

For more information about CLM industrial dryer training programs visit the company’s web site:  Consolidated Laundry Machinery

Or call: 323.232.2417